The Ultimate List of News Sources for Apple Developers

I’ll be covering sources from where you can get news, success stories, interviews, tips & tricks and much more. Some of these resources are visual, some are auditorial and some are just plain text. There will be links to each source.

The inspiration for this post comes from a blog post over at Medium about the best newsletters iOS Developers should subscribe to. Then I taught why not expand the article so that it covers every information source for devs in the Apple ecosystem.

Also, on the most popular blog post is the ultimate list of podcasts for developers and I’m gunning for the same thing here except for Apple devs and not all the developers.

Before I start let me just give a quick shout out for JP. He’ll know what I’m talking about if you don’t know who JP is then I’d highly recommend you check him out.


15 great iOS newsletters you should know about – Flawless App Stories – Medium

Awesome iOS

Awesome iOS

Published on: Friday

Curated by: Stan Bright from


  • popular iOS libraries
  • top stories from IOSDEVELOPEMENT subreddit

The maker of the newsletter is LibHunt network which curates libraries & resources for developers. To submit your library simply fill the form on their website.

Indie iOS Focus Weekly

indie iOS focus weekly

Published on: Thursday

Curated by: Chris Beshore


  • Swift tips
  • podcasts
  • Xcode tricks
  • videos
  • libraries & frameworks
  • marketing guides
  • success stories
  • personal notes
  • and much more / ETC…

Chris is making a very diverse issue every time!

Recommended for:

  • indie developers
  • beginners
  • career-seekers

Chris is running his newsletter since 2015 and always tries to keep everything as easy to read as possible.

iOS Cookies

iOS Cookies

Published on: Tuesday

Curated by: Adam Bardon


  • hand-picked open-source libraries are written in Swift (new/not yet popular)

Adam has been working on iOS Cookies since 2015 and made an amazing job with his collection. Everyone can suggest a library via the form on the website.

iOS Dev Weekly

iOS Dev Weekly

Published on: Friday

Curated by: Dave Verwer, Evan Dekhayser, Vicc Alexander


  • huge news
  • code section
  • less attention to design or business

You probably know about iOS Dev Weekly, as it’s one of the oldest (2011) and the biggest newsletter (46K readers) in the community.

iOS Dev Weekly has interesting “from the editor” introduction, that you might want to check out.

Recently Dave added an option to suggest articles via a form, but still being featured there is not that easy.

Fun fact: Dave also built Curated, the platform which helps to send his newsletter 🙂

Swift Developments

Swift Developments

Published on: Tuesday

Curated by: Andy Bargh


  • useful articles,
  • tutorials
  • videos
  • other links to design & development
  • business topics

The newsletter covers both the business aspects of developing for these platforms as well as more technical topics such as design, code and testing. It often features articles from less well-known writers making the newsletters content somewhat unique.



Published on: Monday

Curated by: 9elements


  • iOS-related tutorials
  • talks
  • libraries

Swift Weekly is crafted by 9elements, German digital agency. So far, it has 90+ issues and almost 5K readers. You can easily contribute there via “send link” form at the bottom of the website. Curators gather popular content on rapidly changing development world and present it to you weekly.

This Week in Swift

This Week in swift

Published on: Monday

Curated by: NatashaTheRobot


  • articles on Swift and iOS Development
  • sometimes: design and marketing
  • important apple news
  • random funny things

I’m sure, you already subscribed to “This Week in Swift”, so I will be very short here. It was founded in 2014 and is read by 18K people.




reddit - ios programming

This subreddit is the hub for iOS devs, articles, questions and news get published here by devs. There is also a weekly job board which is not so popular as not many jobs get posted there but it is there none the less. The questions asked here are not necessarily technical, they can be about career, business, marketing and sales that connect in some way to iOS development.


reddit - swift

This subreddit is much more technical and it doesn’t have as many subscribers as IOSProgramming but it is a great resource too. Questions and articles are posted alike and new libraries are mentioned occasionally. If you already read Reddit then you might as well subscribe to this subreddit too.


stack overflow

I’m only featuring Stack Overflow here because it is the most popular QA style website in the dev community. I personally don’t like the fact that people over on Stack Overflow are not nice at all especially if you are a developer. I suggest you make a fake account and asking questions with that as it is very likely that your first few accounts will be banned because of the bad questions. As to what counts as bad questions is yet unknown to me. I am burning through my 3rd fake account and I still don’t understand why people downvote and why the site blocks your access.


For the podcast, there is a Blog post on Simple The Ultimate List Of Developer Podcasts. This is a great blog post but it is too general. I am here to address Apple devs while this blog post would include us in Mobile development. Another great blog post is the Great Podcasts for iOS Developers over at This is more specific, but it mentions a lot of podcasts. So with all that here are my highlights.

Core Intuition

core int

This podcast is on everybody’s top list. It has surpassed 300 episodes not that long ago. According to the hosts Daniel Jalkut and Manton Reece this podcast is “a podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.” Meaning that this podcast has it all, mostly higher level topics with a bunch of tomfooleries.

Release Notes

release notes

If you are tired of all the tech jargon then this podcast is for you. Charles Perry and Joe Cieplinski discuss the business, marketing, trends and much more about apps. Everything but the code. They also tell success and failure stories.

Developing Perspective

developing perspective

This is great if you want to just catch a quick break between pomodori. This podcast is never longer than 15minutes and the host shares his experience and Apple news.


swift coders

This is a podcast all about interviews. Many great developers, content creators and business owners that are in touch with Apple development and Swift are interviewed about their story. This is great if you would like to get inspiration about where to go next in your career.


Sean Allen

youtube - sean allen

Sean Allen has a great YouTube channel, it strikes a great balance between lifestyle and vlogs and technical topics and programming. He has an interview series which really kickstarted his channel. Sean is well known for sharing his contracting experience and stories. He also shares how his days go so you get an insight into a contracting developers lifestyle which is the goal of the channel.

Lets build that app

youtube - letsbuild that app

The channel is hosted by Brian Voong and this channel is very technical. If you need a tutorial or if you want to know how to do something in Swift, this is a place to go. Brian is a very experienced developer and he can build some amazing shit, he demos how to build UIs of popular apps like YouTube and Instagram. He also does animation tutorials. So if you want to spice up your app this is the channel to go to.

Brian Advent

youtube - brian advent

Brian advent much like Lets build that app deals with very technical topics. However, these topics are usually smaller focusing on implementing one specific technology at a time e.g. CoreML and ARKit. If you want to keep up to date with Apple technologies and you want to learn theme quickly, this is the place.

The Swift guy

youtube - the swift guy

The swift guy aka Sebastian Henry hosts a YouTube channel that is a mix of Lets build that app and Brian Advent. He makes videos about smaller projects, his latest one is about implementing a video player. He also does app reviews that his fans send in.


meetup is a great website where you can find local user groups for technologies. I live in Budapest in Hungary and the only user group here that is connected to Apple programming is NSBudapest. But in your area, you might find more user groups. If there are none, don’t panic as you still have the internet which can replace social interactions as we all know.


eventbrite is a website for events. Most events are listed on this website and they are filtered down based on your location and interests. I recommend you check this site once a week to see what events are happening so you can attend the ones that interests you. Events are great for socializing with other people and that is the primary reason I attend most events.