Events, releases, utilities • iDevReport • Week 11, 2018

There are new interesting events coming up and there are some new interesting utilities you might want to use in your workflow.


Apple released new beta software:



This year the Apple Developer conference will be held in San Jose, CA on June 4-8. By the cover art, we can expect new AR announcements. All the usual sessions, hands-on, consultations, get-togethers will be available.


THE ALTERNATIVE APPLE DEVELOPER CONFERENCE. AltCOnf is very similar to Apple’s WWDC. It tries to offer the same events as hands-on, speakers and much more. This is a community event and you can enter for free.

Articles & Blog posts

Designing Jank-Free Apps

With the release of iOS 11, there was widespread concern that Apple’s software quality was declining. Many users experienced performance issues, software bugs, and visual glitches. This blog post looks into how you can solve those pesky visual glitches.

Using tuples as lightweight types in Swift

Even though it’s a simple concept, it opens up some really cool opportunities, both in terms of API design and when structuring code.



Supernova is a new utility from a startup based in the Czech Republic. It promises to convert sketch designs into the native design for either iOS or Android. It has monthly and yearly plans available and a free trial too. There are free services online that offer to do the same thing. I haven’t tried Supernova myself, but for the price, I hope that they do a good job.

iOS Dev Directory

iOS Dev Directory is a website that collects and organises all the iOS related websites and blog. It is open source so you can contribute to it yourself. I’d highly recommend you check it out and I’ll be working on bringing my website to this list.

One more thing

This is going to be the last release of iDevReport. This was my attempt at bringing the latest happenings in the community to you. However, I’m stopping with it now. I created this weekly post to have something I can release each week. Since then I have sounded cool new projects to work on that interests me unlike this. So in the future iDevReport is no longer active but new projects are on their way.