Hi, I’m Kristof! 👋

I’m an iOS Developer from Budapest, HU 🇭🇺. I’m one of the hosts of CmdSwift. I am currently attending Apple Developer Academy in Naples. On the side I’m still working on my side projects, blog and occasionally my YouTube Channel.

About this site 🌐

This is my personal website where I write posts about iOS Development. The topics can be technical or things that are just loosely related to iOS Development like professional growth.

The technical topics are of things that I learn so they might not be original. I write about theme because I believe the best way to learn is to teach.

Where else can you find me? 🔎

You can also find me on 📹 YouTube where I occasionally posts videos if I think the topic deserves it.

You can follow me on social media on 👥 Twitter and 👥 Micro.blog. You can also email me at hello@kristofk.com.

Content organization on this size


All the blog posts on this website belong to 1 of 4 categories. The categories are

  • iOS Development,
  • General development,
  • Books,
  • Soft skills

Most of these categories are self-explanatory. Others like General development is about anything that is development but not iOS and Microblog is basically just so Micro.blog can correctly parse my website. Tags

I use tags to cover the keywords and topics in a given post. I alway include the programming language, software used, technologies used and the post type. Of course not all of these apply to every posts not is this an exhaustive list. Post type

As I mentioned above, one of tags is the post type. I differenciate between 4 different post types:

  • Tutorials are step-by-step walk-throughs that most of the times doesn’t require any background knowledge. The scope of such posts is very limited. Tutorials can be followed by newbies even. E.g. Drawing a star shape with Core Graphics
  • Guides cover larger topics like a whole project. These posts don’t go into all the details and require some background knowledge and/or development experience. E.g. Building a Snap Chat clone
  • How-to is the post with the smallest spread. These posts can be about a single class or even a function. Tips & triscks would belong to this type. E.g. How to convert between time zones in swift
  • Discussions are posts that usually include my take on a topic. These posts doesn’t necessarily require you to have your IDE open and to code along. These posts can be just simply read and enjoyed. I more then welcome responses and comments on these posts.